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Where women's fashion meets intelligent design.


Who is Eternal?

Eternal arose from the need that its owner, Juliana Britto, a lawyer, felt to find unique, fluid, and well-executed clothes like those in Brazil here.

Juliana realized that when wearing Brazilian fashion on American soil, the clothing triggered the curiosity and desire of several women in the states where she lived or visited frequently, especially New York, Massachusetts, and Florida.

At Eternal, you will find classic, versatile, and timeless pieces, but sometimes presented in a deconstructed way. Here, you will also find resort wear, boho chic, and swimwear.

The Eternal woman will find versatile clothing options here, which she can wear to go to the office and, with small adjustments, get into her car at the end of the day and go enjoy Happy Hour with her friends on the beach or, who knows, go on a romantic date.

Eternal is the result of the irreverence of its owner. Juliana is a very bold woman with fashion, as her experience comes from having already worked in corporate environments, judicial courts, traveled to the main fashion centers in the world, and, obviously, because she is the typical Latin woman who never accepted wearing only sober colors at work.

This taught her to have a sense of aesthetics, class, and creativity in the way she dresses that you can't learn from manuals. The way we present ourselves is important, but knowing how to preserve the originality that each woman possesses within herself is essential, and Eternal is ready to help you navigate this sea of colors and fabrics, preserving your personal taste and irreverence, with great elegance and refinement.

Welcome to our home. Thank you very much for taking your time to get to know us, and rest assured that here you will find exclusive pieces offered in very limited quantities.


Welcome to my home!

My name is Juliana Britto. I could start talking about myself and never stop. Yes, I am a talkative, good-natured, and sincere woman, usually with a wide smile on my face and often shouting around the house for one of the most important people in my life, my husband, or one of our five children.

Yes, I am the proud mother of three wonderful human children and two canines. I am originally from Brasília, the capital of Brazil, where I built my entire story until June 2017 when I organized everything, packed 12 huge suitcases, locked up the house, said goodbye to friends and family, and came to live my childhood dream in the USA: to learn English and provide an overseas living experience for my children.

English came after a lot of effort, many tears, and endless mistakes. Along the way, I decided to pursue a Master of Laws at Syracuse University - Go Orange! -, which warmly welcomed me. There I experienced the best and worst 18 months of my life. Yes, it was challenging, but I had the help of so many people to successfully complete this stage that there would not be enough lines to thank everyone.

My professional background is entirely in the legal field; I am a Brazilian lawyer who has always worked in defending companies in various courts and states in Brazil. Here, I became a Master of American Law, focusing on Human Rights and International Law.

My education has been essential in managing Eternal to ensure that all export/import procedures are done within the limits of the law. I could write so much about myself, but when you come to know our store, you can experience a unique shopping adventure and then sit down to drink, enjoy some Brazilian delicacies, and ask me anything you want. I will be waiting for you at Eternal with open arms.